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You tube, Facebook, Vimeo, daily motion, Viki, Instagram etc. Are the popular video subtitle sharing sites. But the most popular among these sites is you tube. The content available on you tube includes video clips, TV show clips, music videos, audio recordings, movie trailers, live streams and other content such as video blogging and educational videos. After becoming a member of you tube the user can upload videos and can appeal people to like, share and subscribe his videos. The user can even create his own channel and can earn money from home if his channel is a hit. Most of the videos on you tube are free to watch but premium channels and rental films are not free of cost.

Youtube subtitles

Subtitle is basically a captions which are phone on large content at the time of playing audio and video. The benefit about subtitle is that if you are watching movies in different language and want to understand it in different language then you will notice that most of the different language movies used English content at photos so that you can enjoy movies by watching and reading the subtitles.

subtitle downloader online – Vidmate

The user can watch videos on online and offline mode. While watching videos offline the user don’t need internet connection. There are many methods through which videos can be downloaded. The download of videos is possible through apps, software and video downloading sites. Specific sites are made so that the user can download videos. Apart from softwares the videos can be downloaded from you tube itself. In order to download video from you tube the user need to first open you tube. After opening you tube the user need to select the video that he want to download. He can click on the download button beneath the video to download it. The video will be downloaded in this way but if the user want to download the subtitles he need to do some more things. Three dots appear beneath the video. The user need to click them. After clicking them a dialogue box will appear. Here the user need to click on download transcript. After clicking this button the titles in the video will appear on the right side of the page. Now the user should copy and paste them. In this way the subtitles of a video can be downloaded. This is the most easiest way of downloading subtitles. But in order to download subtitles with video the user need to open a download site and copy and paste the URL of the video. After selecting the quality of video, the user need to click on subtitles, it will inform the software that the user intend to download the titles in the video. After all this the download will initiate and the user would be able to watch the video together with subtitles once the download is complete.

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