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Watch online with Voot the ultimate online streaming movie watch website you can stream all your favourite TV shows, new movies, videos, kids show, and almost 200 channel are available to view in this website.

About 30 millions users in India use this application to watch there favourite serial online but the concept behind to this webportal is you can only watch video but cannot download.

Way to download Voot video

As we all know that this website provide streaming and buffering Technology interview video but when we start downloading it will do not show any link to be downloaded in your system to do so we need a third party API with can get the URL and start downloading the video to your system either you can download in your device or you can download as offline mode. Keeping in mind vidmate Technology has overcome the problem and you have to only put the URL of videos from the VOOT website and click start you will get a download links with different file format you have a choice to choose either you want to download in HD format or any other format you have to just click the format type and start downloading not only this vidmate has also option to convert your video to any file format so you have to only choose the file format on which you want to convert your video.

Why voot video?

Almost all new movies and videos are get uploaded as soon as they release so you don’t need to wait for a long time to watch new movies freely even this website has paid registration if you want you can registered and  watch unlimited videos and movies.


Nowadays no body have time to watch any thing in television. We have very less time to have for our self. We are not able to watch the favorite stuff which we always wanted to watch. Nowadays things are happening very different if you want to watch your some favorite serial and movies live or repeat telecast then the only app which help us is Voot. It is one application which has multiple features which are going to help you in downloading and watching the video and serials which are so trendy.

If you want to watch any of the serials then this is only and only possible by this application. Voot is now one of the best application which is provding this amazing features.

Also with this you can also be able to get all the videos from the help of Vidmate app. Yes the app which is name as Vidmate. It is the only application is entire world of app which has very smooth and very good quality. Features of Vidmate app is so superb and tilt is not going to differentiate with any other applications..

Now let us know what exact Vidmate provide you. The most important feature which is made for every Vidmate user is that its all free of cost available for every one. You can easily available to get this application in your device. You will get this application from www.vidmate.org.in

This is the exact link of this application. You can get this app very easily. So most amazing thing is that this is now avaibale for each and every device. You can download this app in your any device like you can download this for android as well as in IOS and not just this you are also be able to get in your PC and laptop as well.

With the help of VIDMATE app you are now able to get all of the videos from VOOT it self.  All the serials are now available here.  So download this app in your device  and get  all of its best features .

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