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Youtube has large amount of videos. Youtube always helps to learn different things. If you want to cook and not having any idea then youtube will provide you videos and tips of recopies of dishes. Some of the famous youtubers name is I am mentioning here.

vidmate youtube cooking videos download

BETTY KITCHEN –Betty kitchen is the most famous youtube channel which is made by a retired professor. She used to give all kind of best tips and recopies for making delicious and yummy food. She has made more than 1000 videos which is having best amount of viewers and subscribers. She also make bloopers and people really love her channel.

FOOD WISHES – This site is also very much famous in foreign youtube lovers. This channel is made by Chef john and he has now crossed more than 700 dishes which are very delicious and amazing. Chef john has great amount of fan followers and subscribers. Not just the recopies but the voice of chef john is very nice. His voice is very radio friendly and also very attractive.

LEAN BODY LIFESTYLE – If you want clean and detox body and up till now didn’t find any place then please do not worry. This channel has come with so amazing detox and healthy food which will help you to stay cool and calm. It will help you to lose weight.


If you have this problem and this question in your mind and not finded any path to download these videos from youtube then please don’t worry. I will tell you the place. You can download all kind of yummy cooking videos from youtube by downloading VIDMATE in your phone. This is one and only downloading app which is creating large amount of users and lovers. Every one love this app. Even I had downloaded this app in my phone and It really helped me in downloading videos from youtube. So if you want to download videos from youtube either it is cooking videos or any thing else do download from this amazing app. Vidmate will always give you best benefits.

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