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Get the latest version of vidmate application mobile. With the new year 2019 are many applications company has modify their application for better output.The reason behind is that most of the users loves application so that they can enjoy their without any error. Some of the users are so concerned about their updates that if they will not get updated version they may remove the distance from their mobile due to security reasons.

Is a video editing software as well as  downloader the application can help you to download unlimited audio and video files from streaming website. This type of website which support download other files up to date. The reason behind is that if the application does not update its latest implementation then it make cows problem to the end user. Updates are also necessary because the error or issues which was generated can be solved at the same time. If somehow issues which was added was not solve then be possible the software will be outdated and no one will use.

What updates have been done in vidmate v 4.0?
The updates on vidmate v 4.0 implemented are instant fatching of uRL, soundCloud proxy server download facility.

Why update is necessary?
Tools are collection of different types of equipment and if the tools are not updated then it may be possible that after few time it does not work on the platforme as when it was developed technology of that time but are continuous grow in technology the tool must be updated to co-ordinate with the technology otherwise it will not work properly.

How to install updates in mobile?
First of all you have to check your application version and if your version is old then you need to update, to doing this you have to go to installation setting you will get update notification you have to click on the update button so that it can start downloading the updated files the internet to your mobile device and it will update the file automatically. Sometime it happened that it does not install the updated in that case you have to install the application and then again install the updated version of the application.

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