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vidmate download video from Facebook, Instagram, Dailymotion, FunnyorDie, Tumblr

Have you ever watched a video on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Dailymotion, FunnyorDie, Tumblr that you absolutely love and then have avoided watching it again purely because you did not want to spend extra data?

I have and it is not a good feeling. Sure the most of the apps come with the ‘offline’ feature but that is only a temporary solution. Moreover you cannot share the offlined video with your friends using Xender or ShareIt or other methods that do not require internet.

Well those days of misery are gone because here’s vidmate. The app is available for every operating system out there (except linux and other similar systems). So forget your worries because the saviour is here.

Why vidmate?


While there are other apps out there for similar purposes Vidmate is still a first choice for a lot of people. With more than 5 million downloads it is one of the most popular video downloading tools in the market. So what makes it so special and better than other apps?

  • It’s size is really small and hence does not clog the space on your phone leaving it free for other apps and off course the videos you will be downloading using Vidmate.
  • It is free to download. So it saves you both money and data.
  • It comes with quality settings. So suppose if you watch a video and you want to download it but do not want to spend a lot of data on it or don’t have enough memory on your phone or PC you can play around with the quality settings to get it to a smaller size.
  • It has a really user friendly interface which makes using it a smooth experience.
  • It has a wide range of application areas from youtube to facebook.
  • It comes with a pause download option which helps in case of

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