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Vidmate is a really good app for downloading videos from various sites like you tube, facebook, vimeo, instagram, daily motion and various other sites. It is a user friendly app. The interface of this app is very simple and user oriented. The user can download high quality videos using this app. The unique feature of this app is multiple downloads. The user can select the quality of videos from the list given in the download option. The user can name and rename the files that have been downloaded. Two mb data can be downloaded easily by using this app.

Iphone App

Vidmate is an android based application. Hence this app works well in android phones. Currently this app is not available for iPhone, iMac, iOS and iPad. Vidmate is an APK file and iPhone’s have their own app store. Since vidmate is in the form of APK, it is out of the environment of iPhones and the users who have iPhones cannot install it in their phones. The operating system of iphones is very different from Android smartphones. While android is an open source operating system, ios have their own app store. It means that the softwares and apps that are installed in android are developed and designed by different people and comes from open source. Whereas the software developers of ios are limited number of people and hence the devices are operated by closed sources, by a bunch of people who are employed by the company apple.

Offline video downloader – vidmate

Vidmate is a very nice app as it can download multilingual videos. By using this app the user can watch videos when he is offline. Hence internet connection no longer remains a requirement for enjoying movies. Not just movies the user can even watch serials of his choice offline. These features of vidmate makes it a must for the music and movie lovers. When download quality and download speed is high and the app is free of cost then it is no surprise that the app crosses three million users.

It is not difficult to get this app on iPhone if the policies of apple company are changed. By change in policies there is a chance of getting this app on iPhone. It all depends on policies of company.

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