Tamil video songs free download 2016, 2017

Tamil video songs

Music of Tamil Nadu includes a longer tradition and history reviewing their backward memories of thousands of years. Such musics play a major aspect of the culture of the Tamil people. The greatest collection of old love songs of Tamil is especially dedicated to all Tamil music lovers. Most lovable songs of Tamil are still lingering in the hearts of every Tamils memory and renewing every new fresh memories of their life. These Tamil Old Love songs are enthusiastically enjoyed by every single individual even if they are unable to understand the lyrics or language of the songs. On listening to these old love songs of Tamil, every individual gets carried out to a romantic world with sweet memories in it. And therefore, to obtain this kind of old romantic mood you can very easily obtain through the downloading of the Vidmate app whereby the user can find quickly and instantly all of the songs categorized under one roof of this site. The songs of old decades is the greater finest collection fully accessible on the app of Vidmate.

Accordingly, from this app every person can very comfortably get the instant download without wasting a single minute. Old Lovely melodious songs are perfectly suitable for your Valentine’s Day and even night modes. People of all ages enjoy the music prevailing in these old songs of Tamil. Wonderful streaming of audio without losing a bit of its originality of exceptional musical masterpieces is especially applicable in this Vidmate app. Thus, if you have been hunting for these old songs of Tamil to listen to the best of it and carry it in your pocket wherever you go then you need to link on to Vidmate app itself. Hence, through this app, every Tamil fan will obtain a better experience of listening and downloading of the old love songs assembled under one roof, so that you need not struggle in searching for tons of songs in any other websites. Furthermore, the songs of the most popular actors such as Rajnikanth, Kamal Hassan, Dhanush, Suriya, Vijay Vikram, Ajith and many more are progressively applicable in this app.


All Songs from A To Z:

In this Vidmate app, all old songs of Tamil are arranged in the alphabetical manner and can easily search for your most favorable songs by sending a request.

High Quality Songs:

Songs are very easily accessible in various qualities in this app and can be easily obtained based on your requirement.

Fastest Downloading:

Through the access of Vidmate app one can very easily quickly can obtain the downloading of all the Old songs of Tamil without wasting a single second.

Different Formats:

Songs of various formats such as MP3, MP4, 3GP, FLV, HD Video files can be figured out in various qualities through this app. This app also obtains a huge database consisting of Music Artists and albums featured in them.

Very Simple and easy to operate:

The app benefits the users with its utmost genetic attributes of utilizing in a reliable and comfortable manner as per the users content.

Sharing too is applicable:

All the old Tamil songs can be easily hunted, played, shared and downloaded through the operation of this Vidmate app in a very smoothest manner without any efforts.


Above all, various kinds of love songs of Tamil of various decades still remain alive in the hearts of every individual. The super most creativity expressed in a musical way in the songs gladdens oue ears. So, to obtain the pleasant mood and atmosphere simple get the instant free download of this Vidmate App and obtain the privilege of listening to the most loved Tamil video songs 2015, 2016, 2017 on your mobile device without paying a fee and without any efforts. Enjoy the best of this app and do share your experience with your family and friends about this app.  

Updated: November 28, 2017 — 3:48 am

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