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Watching video is almost of fun but it get bored when the video start streaming so mostly the people love to download video so that they can watch it at any time without any interruption. So here I am providing you are stop video website download links so that you can download any videos from any website for free

List of top video website where you can watch online.

  1. Google.
  2. Facebook.
  3. Metacafe.
  4. Dailymotion.
  5. IMDb.
  6. Vimeo.
  7. Metacafe.
  8. Veoh.
  9. The Internet Archive.
  10. Crackle.
  11. Screen Junkies.
  12. MySpace.
  13. The Open Video Project.

I have mention the world best website from where you can watch live video without any payment means its totally free to watch movies songs and video.
But to download videos from this website is quite difficult they will not provide you their download links because the main profit of these websites are number of users browsing website, so that the website can make money with the help of advertisement. To overcome this problem I am going to suggest you the ultimate website from where you can download all the videos in your PC or in your mobile. This website support downloads of all quality video and regulation the name of this website is vidmate.

How to use vidmate to download video ?
Use vidmate first of all you need to install this application in your Android mobile or PC after that you can just simply search the videos name and you will get the list and also our download options and if you don’t find any videos did to the west side then just simply copy the URL of YouTube video and paste it to the vidmate browser it will provide you a download link.

Updated: September 10, 2018 — 10:44 am

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