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We are not going to ask why you want to download video from internet for free as we all know that free video downloading is not permitted as per cyber law. So here we are going to tell you how you can have video without any premium applications for downloading video. We are going against the law of Google for video download because our main concern is that if you want to download video then we must have option. The reason behind is that internet is full of video and if we are not able to download that video then it’s very shameful for us because most of the people used to download video with the truth and the trick is simple you have to simply download the best downloader. We will provide you the best apk for you to have in your Android mobile we have tested almost all the applications which save that they are the best for downloading hD video and so on.

Some of the best video downloader vidmate, tubeMate, snaptube, videoder we had use this application and find that its work very properly. This application only work and tested in Windows 8, and 10, android 7, 8 and 9. The website information which we are providing are obtained from external data and independently collected so it’s up to you that which applications you are going to preferred to use your download option.

Disclaimer: Using any third party application is against the terms and conditions of registered video site hosting. So if you are downloading from YouTube, facebook, twitter then you are violence the rule of video.


  1. It support all video site where you can download with the help of URL.
  2. Song almost 1000 channels and playlist are accessible.
  3. Advanced search filter by subtitle, actor, actress, year of release, can be searchable with the help of this application.
  4. Video quality selection options from low to 4K and 8k HD video quality.
  5. allows patch and multithreading download technology for fast and easy video and audio download.


While installing this application the installer contains bundled of AD so to avoid this you have to use custom during installation and skip the adware so that you are free with advertisement.

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Download the toolkits of video downloader and be ready to insure a lots of videos and songs in your hard drive so that you can watch anytime and anywhere don’t need to worry about internet data. You can also use multiple download before travelling to anywhere so that even if net is not working on that place you have options in your drive to watch that video.

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