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Ripping means extraction from a video either of audio or video. You tube videos can be ripped with the use of apps or softwares. Various kind of videos are available on you tube. If the user want to download the whole video then he can do so and download it completely. But the user can even extract the audio or video of a you tube video with the use of video converter. If the user want to extract the audio of a you tube video then the user can do so with the help of video converter.

Rip off videos

The users usually rip off videos either for their audio or for short videos. The audios ripped off from you tube videos can be used for the purpose of making ringtones or the user can download only the audio and use it for the purpose of listening to it as music. Usually you tube videos are ripped so that the user can listen to them as music files as these files take less space on any kind of device.

Extractor software

Further the user can store only that portion of video that he want to keep by ripping off the video. Hence ripping is not only space savvy but it also help in keeping those things that the user require. Ripping help in cutting off unnecessary things. While ripping a video the user can choose the formats. The softwares that are available for ripping are mainly video converters. While downloading a video with the use of these converters the user can choose the desired format at the time of download. First the user need to open the video converter of his choice as many online video converters are available. Thereafter the user need to write down the URL of the video in the search bar. After this the user need to click the format of his choice. Usually both video and audio formats are available on the online video converter. The user can choose from the highest quality audios and videos. After choosing the right video quality the user can click the download button and the download shall be initiated. Once the download is complete the user is able to use these audios and videos according to his requirement and need. All the user need to do is to choose appropriate software.


Vidmate is an offline video downloader and converter tool that downloads video from YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook and many other online video sites. You can conver your videos to MPEG4, MP3 or other formats at the time of download.

Updated: June 3, 2019 — 2:28 pm

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