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Best site to download YouTube video for Android, iPhone and PC recommended by online users.

Vidmate all video downloader is one of the fastest app where you can download millions of videos within a minute. Vidmate video downloader safely search your videos and download all your videos and movies from the internet to your Android mobile application it take minimum support from your Android API vidmate use kernel process system of your Android 4.4 so that it can download in superfast and better speed. Not only this you can stop your downloading at any moment and started at anytime as your download application manage all the download information today server.

YouTube video downloader
Most of the download video company claim that they have better applications to download YouTube but 90% of the prompting get fail because of you to security section to block downloading but in case of YouTube video downloader it easily download google video.

Download capacity

  • You can use URL from the address bar of YouTube and paste this uRL to the vidmate search box it will Fetch the download links and on your click it will start downloading.
  • Options to play video that leave from the application.
  • Support all popular search engine like YouTube facebook instagram is it for download.
  • Play, stop, Resume, Pause, Playback, download, redownload, and many more options are available in this download manager.
  • Go to the sign your videos page and search your vidaeo using the keyword it will show the relevant search result all video pointing to that keyword.
  • Manage all your videos, movies and file using built in file manager.
  • Pop ups on the screen for video watch and at the back and you can also start downloading the same video.
  • MPK, AVI, MP4, MKV, FLV, WMV, MPG.webm, ogv, .ogg, .gifv and many more format are supported by vidmate so you can download as many movies as you want with unlimited download extensions.

Vidmate popularity

Recommended with over 50 millions downloader has download video from vidmate from their Android mobile and is among the top 10 download websites boost with compact features and tools make great user interface for downloading.

Why choose vidmate for YouTube
The One Stop solution download YouTube video and other video website like remove Facebook etc.
Activate your private mode to protect your download with password.
Hidden Browser so that no one can know that what you are downloading.

Download steps of video from YouTube
Step 1: first you need to launch YouTube downloader in your android to do this you have to go to the vidmate official website to download API after downloading API you have to start downloading for that you need to click download.
Step 2: Now go to webs inside your favourite video then go to the URL of the video copy the URL and and post it to the vidmate website.
Step 3: As soon as you insert video URL there will be download option activated for that video click the down I can’t to start downloading video.
Step 4: What your video online and offline from download file manager.

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