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Do you know about private video on YouTube? Most of the user who are using YouTube video channel does not know about private video and their features. Private video are created by people’s to share video to their groups or to whom they want to share their video. This type of video are very famous and are getting on trends. Most of the hot video, or leaks video can be uploaded and can be shared to only private person to whom you want to share. But this type of video cannot be downloaded and are not visible on search. Google YouTube video does not provide search result for private video. So you can put any type of video in your profile and make it private.

How to download private video?
Private video URL bike YouTube search result so we know we cannot find private video but we have one option of email campaigns aur if you have access of your friends and colleagues email ID then you can easily download their private video or you can run software which page all the data information from their system to you so that you can use that documents to access their private video. Although accessing any system is illegal and are against internet rules. So is better to have vidmate application and share this application to your friends to whom you want to patch the video ok there private profile.

Vidmate for YouTube private video

So, if you want to download private video from YouTube channels then you have to install vidmate application in your Android phone. The application can easily access private video and provide direct download links of that video in your SD card for hard drive. YouTube does not allow any type of downloading either it’s on private or it’s public you can watch the video and and add it to your favourite but you cannot download video in your memory card. It’s against the rule of YouTube the main earning of YouTube is from ads and without streaming video youTube cannot show their ads.

About vidmate

Vidmate is a third party application developer Android platform only, it help in downloading streaming video and audio from most famous channels like YouTube , facebook, instagram, dailymotion and many more. You do not need to to buy this tools is totally free and its take only few MB space in your memory card but it do lots of thing related to download.

Updated: July 21, 2019 — 5:45 pm

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