Vidmate youtube downloader apk – for movies, video, songs

Vidmate youtube downloader is an application for downloading the youtube videos directly to your smartphone . This app is really easy and simple to use . It allows you to have your favorite videos on your device’s SD card to watch them in your free time . To download any of your favourite or other desired video you just have to type the name of video in the search bar of the app and press the search button . At that moment you can select the video you want to download . The downloaded videos will be stored on your SD card and you can move them around from one location to another when you want too . Vidmate android app is the only Video download software or application which is very easy to use and the main strong point is exactly that you can have get your hands on any favourite song or any dance video in seconds using the app .

Vidmate app how to use it

Vidmate youtube downloader enables you to quickly enter , search , share , and download youtube videos because downloading always happens in the background so you can continue watching youtube , surfing the Internet , tweeting and listening to your music as the downloading is still taking lace in the background .

Vidmate youtube download

Using this app is as simple as opening the video of your interest through the browser that comes within the app itself and from there you can simply press the green arrow located at the bottom of the screen and download the videos of your choice . One of the biggest merit of this awesome application is when you don’t have a wifi connection or data connection the best solution is to use vidmate app that can download your personal youtube videos to your smartphone later on when you access to your wifi range or data connections . They are saved by default in the videos folder and saving your videos is easy with vidmate and it will let you download videos in different formas and screen resolution . So download vidmate app .

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