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If you are in this page then obviously you are looking for vidmate tube- all video download apps from YouTube and other social channels. The application support all file format of multimedia on your phone which include avi, mp4, 3gp, mov, flv, wmv, mpg. Exit the information of video URL from any website and provide a download link that video. You have to simply find the video URL which you want to download and this technology download streamable video from the internet. To download any type of multimedia you need to install this application in your smartphone so that you can easily have any video fast and free in your phone.

Features of vidmate Tube

  • Download audio and video in in the library or in other device on which you want to put your video.
  • Bookmark any link of video and you have options to share that links to other friends with the help of social media or mail account.
  • Download multiple files at a time with backend support so that whatever you are doing in front it does not affect your work.
  • Tools provide options for pause, resume, speed, cancel, and delete.
  • You can also see the progress bar of the download so that you can easily get notification on which time it will complete the download.
  • You can choose large file as well as small with low resolution file to download it support large video upto 30 gb over 4GI and Wi-Fi.
  • Graphical user interface of vidmate tube is very simple so that orchids can also handle for downloading their projects and so on.
  • While downloading you have options to play the video at the same time even you can share the video to your friends and colleagues.
  • Location support all file format such as  MPK, 3GP, AVI, MP4, MKV, FLV, WMV, MPG. With any network such as 2G,3G and 4G networks.
  • There is no restrictions of download you have your tools and you can download unlimited video without registration.
  • The app also provide add-ons support for different web browser so that you can integrate in web browser and whenever you open any video in web browser it will also show our download links of that video.

Hot download vidmate tube?

To download vidmate tube you have to visit official website of vidmate tube which is provided at the top of the buttons which is showing download simply click on the buttons and it will start downloading.

Vidmate tube is not in Google Play Store?

Yes vidmate you did not in Google Play Store because as per youTube law the media file is used only for watching video not for downloading and this valence the rule of YouTube and YouTube is a product of google, so that why you will not get this application in Google Play Store.

Where do I get this application?

You will get this application in

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