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Are you looking for a powerful software which can download video from Cloud server? Vidmate application is design to fetch video and provide you download options of that video, the application is so strong that it can download multimedia content from restricted website where you need to be login for watching the video. The software main work is to provide path between server to device so that you can receive any types of file from server to your own device.

Key features of vidmate software:

SD card / hard drive support : Vidmate can download video from streaming media to your SD card as well as hard drive if you are using your mobile for downloading video then you can easily download that video in your SD card and if you are using laptop or pC then you can download it in your hard disc or pendrive whatever do you have for Digital storage.

Format support: Vidmate support all type of multimedia file mp3, m4a, mp4, m4v, mov, avi, wmv, and many more. So if you are using this application then you can download any file format and with the help of vidmate inbuilt media player you can play that video or audio file you don’t need to install other Play Store for playing the video or audio file.

HD video downloader : The valley application which provide HD video downloader with free version most of the software provide hD quality when you are a premium member but in case of this software air all the the downloads are free as well as high quality.

Auto detect video: If you are searching any e streaming media file over the internet with your device and if you have vidmate application then that application will automatically face the video and provide you dob dance behind the video so that you can download that video at the same time.

Resume download : Sometime due to network problem or streaming media error the download may get interrupted or get corrupted but vidmate will try again and again to Resume the file. This is one of the main advantage of vidmate where most of the software get failed. Most of the software download only when the links are active and if the links are not available they cannot download but vidmate make a patch file of each download so that even if the server are not working it is still can make a connection for darling that video.

Updated: August 1, 2019 — 5:16 pm

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