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Vidmate is considered to be the best app that you can get for your purpose of downloading and streaming videos online. There is no such app available on the internet for free and such benefits that you can get from Vidmate are awesome. If you are looking for an app that can help you with your video downloading from any website then Vidmate is what you need. There have been so many versions out there from the developers and you can still find them all on 9apps. Here are all of these popular versions that you can still find on the internet.

Vidmate 2.5

Many things are there that you can find on 2.5 with some minor bugs issues and this happens with every lesser known version. However, this version is still in the market and you can use it as per your needs with all the different features that you can get from the app. All you need to be doing is to download the app from 9apps as per your requirements. Here are some features from the Vidmate 2.5 –

  • The app can help you with the downloading at such high speeds with the speed mode. You can get your stream easily with this version and it can help you through your video downloading.
  • With the powerful downloader, you can download any video from any website and even from YouTube. You just have to copy the link or you can simply use the browser with the app which is much more powerful.
  • You can download the videos in ay format as per your requirements. There are many things that your mobile might not support and you can choose from the flv, mp4, and many other file formats for videos.

Vidmate 2.28

With all the other versions of vidmate, this one is also the best of all which stands as the oldest versions in the market. There are many things that you can get from this version of vidmate and it can help you out in some of the best ways. If you look out for the features in Vidmate 2.28 then you will find that it was more of a straightforward version of Vidmate. Here are the features of Vidmate 2.28 –

1) Simple UI

All that simplicity comes from the User Interface of the app and you need it to be as simple as possible. The Vidmate 2.28 might have some issues with all those bugs that keep trembling around but it was the best version that is still in use for many other purposes. If you are looking for an app for downloading videos from YouTube then Vidmate 2.28 is what you need.

2) Trusted Websites

The videos that you get in the daily recommendations or any of the website that you see in the bookmarks are all trusted with the Vidmate 2.28. You should not think anymore about the apps and the videos websites when you are using Vidmate as they can take care of all that and your information will never be leaked.

Vidmate 3.03

Are you looking for an app that can help you with the videos from YouTube and many other websites at high speed and much more reliability? Well, you need to look out for the Vidmate as this is the only app that allows you to download the videos from any of the website no matter what. You can use the browser on the app as to get so many things done with it. You can use the Vidmate 3.03 as this version has a better browser.

  • The best thing that you can get from the Vidmate 3.03 is the browser itself. The app has such strong browser that it can pick up the videos rightaway from the website for you. You can choose it to download or not as per your choice and it will keep doing this for you as your assistant. You will never have to look out for the links anymore and you can get all these things done with the 3.03.
  • Watch TV with the Vidmate 3.03 and this is the best and newest thing that you can get in the Vidmate versions. These old versions speak up and you can watch TV at better quality and easily without any much hassles. Choose up Vidmate 3.03 as to get over things that can irritate you while working on the Vidmate newer versions.

Vidmate 3.28

You might be wondering about all the different versions about Vidmate and why they are so different when the only thing that they are doing is to download the videos. Well, the downloading is the not the only thing but it is the only thing that you should be looking out for. When you are using up the Vidmate 3.28 then you will get to know about the features that you can get in this app and here are all those which made this version different from others.

1) Friendly UI

The UI of this app is not that simple and you can get so many things done with the better UI. The friendly UI of the app can help you to engage with the apps and it can easily let the users download the videos with all those funky things around which might take up some of the RAM usage but at last this is what everyone wants.

2) YouTube Videos

YouTube videos are the best out in the internet and with all those new people uploading the videos and the best of songs that you can get on YouTube makes it different. You can get so many things done with this app and YouTube videos can easily be downloaded with the help of Vidmate 3.28 which makes it different from others.

Vidmate 2014

Vidmate is the best app that you can get and with the 2014 versions, then there are some things that are so special about it, The first thing is that it is antique and with all the, this app can help you with the simple UI. There are some bugs that you need to cope up with and it can help you with the videos again same as any other version of the vidmate app.

Vidmate 2015

The vidmate 2015 is the best as it has the best and powerful downloader for the videos. There are no such major bugs and you can get so many benefits of the 2015 version as when you need the Vidmate 2015 version for downloading then there is nothing that can even compete with it somehow or other. So, it stands as the best of all and 2015 is really the best version that you can get your hands on.

Vidmate 2016

VIdmate is an app that let s you download videos but the only thing that you don’t know about the app is that this app can help you with the browsing and streaming. The Vidmate 2016 is the best app when it comes to browsing the videos on the app. This versions has a strong player and the best of all downloader with the powerful browser within the app. This thing can make the most out of it and this makes Vidmate 2016 the best of all versions on the internet.

Vidmate 2017

Looking for an app that can help you with all types of multimedia from some of the best websites like YouTube and other websites? Well, there are many apps and even if it comes to the vidmate app then there are many other versions that you can choose from. The best version that has the best and powerful multimedia converter is the Vidmate 2017 which can help you download from any of the files and you can get your video file to be converted into flv, mp4, avi or any other video file. You can even make a audio file out of it as to get it easily on devices with less space.

Vidmate 2018

So, what are the things that you can get with the newest veriosn of Vidmate? Well, the new things that you can get with the Vidmate 2018 are so much better and one of the best things that you can get with it is the TV that you can watch easily on the Vidmate 2018. Here are some of the other features that you can get from the newest version of the app.

1) Conserve Data Usage

There are so many benefits that you can get with the Vidmate app and when you are browsing through the websites then you can save your data with the help of data saving mode.

2) Compatible

The app is compatible with all the platforms and you can get it on your pc with the help of a better emulator to run android applications on pc. You can choose bluestacks and it will help you to run android apps on your pc.

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