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Vidmate old version 1.47 download freeVidmate APK the older version is one of the most complimentary downloader apps which aid you in viewing all of the latest Movies and Music for free. With the access of this app, you can download and view videos even through offline mode to the full extent. Currently, this app is not applicable on google Play store. But extremely no need to worry of it as you can still assume the download of this app on your Android devices with the latest version too. Not only that, this app will allow you to download all of the HD videos, latest songs and even watch Live TV on your Android phone. On the other hand, the extremely talent of this app is about the video resolutions which are optimized by predicting the pattern of it and very well functioning all across the back end of this app in the most advanced manner. The undeniable result of Vidmate APK became more captive through the easiest download and playing of the videos which were increased up to 4K. Nevertheless, Vidmate APK will never consume much of your data from your device and thus you can very easily download movie in various qualities as and when required. Above all, Vidmate app is one of the most preferred apps which are accessed by millions of users in viewing and downloading videos and music without any barriers. And as you check in this site you will come across plenty of inspiring video sites specially sketched for you to download and view videos. Therefore to grab this older version of Vidmate 1.47 on your device and attains all its major attributes, then gently wriggle into the free offering site of 9 Apps store. Overall, spare some time to have a look at the below provided major attributes of Vidmate APK.


  1. Download of the Video: Every single user can obtain the access of viewing, downloading a huge number of videos from plenty of video sites present in it
  2. A greater support of the International and Local sites are very well opted in this app
  3. Vidmate app attaches and removes all the of the errors occurred while downloading from Dailymotion site
  4. One of the most essential feature opted in this app is the saving of the videos in 3Gp format


Thus before summing up, as mentioned above, Vidmate APK is the most marvelous app wherein you can capture the download from various streaming sites without any matter. Therefore, to grab the instant download of this app on your device crawl into the app store of 9Apps store and enjoy all of the above prescribed attributes without any limits to the full extent.

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