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VIDMATE NEW VERSION 2016Vidmate New Version is an app wherein every user can easily acquire the exploration of a huge amount of apps and games for the Android device without any obstacles in it. This app as of now has gained a huge popularity all across India due to its outstanding attributes. And a vast amount of around 10,000+ users have already obtained the download of all apps through the free providing app store of 9 Apps. Not only that, Vidmate app is also fully accessible on your own phones as well. And thus through the acquisition of this app on your device you can easily obtain the download of all of the hottest movies, HD Videos and Live TV exclusively free of cost from the app store of 9Apps. Nevertheless, this Vidmate app has been around in the market trend for a few years now and has greatly improvised solidly over several years. Above all, this website grants the access of providing the link of downloading the newer version of Vidmate. Above all Vidmate 2016 is fully accessible for download through the links generated and displayed on the site. This app crops up with more than 22 versions every year ranging around 2 new versions every month. The major concept of the developers of this app is to guide in providing the best of the quality latest contest to its users. Thus the method of attaining the installation step is quite simple by straightly moving into the app store of 9 Apps.


  1. Diversification of Media Files: Various kinds of files present in this app are those of TV shows, videos, movies and memes which can be easily downloaded from different streaming sites like Facebook, Dailymotion and YouTube.
  2. Quicker downloading speed: Vidmate provides the accessibility for top speed download which arrives along with space optimization in it
  3. Applicable on all Devices: Vidmate app is fully applicable on all devices such as iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows too


Overall, as the years pass by the optimistic features in this Vidmate App keeps changing and it gets unfolds with operating systems as well. Thus to obtain the procedure if this Vidmate app directly on your Android device then you just need to check in the APK file of 9 Apps store and run the app and get the installation done without any delay.

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