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Vidmate video app is leading downloader service for videos and audio to your favorite device. Their mobile applications delivered the best rating ever.

As a vidmate member get this app free and watch instantly thousands of movies on your mobile even you can download this movie without any premium charge.

How does vidmate work?

  • It worked on cloud server Technology where it can provide download link for the client user so that they can easily download any media.
  • Daily thousands of videos and audios are added with their titles so that you can find your videos easily.
  • Search the title of media and watch immediately on your phone you will get direct download links of that media.
  • Vidmate also provide read so that you can rate your favourite movies and shows.
  • Vidmate apps also work on smart TV, game consoles, tablets, phones set top boxes so that you can easily download TV shows with the help of this application.

Vidmate licence agreement
By downloading this application you are agree to the vidmate term and condition for your download option.

Using vidmate API addons in browser you can also watch your favourite movies in your Android Phone or Tablet browser. Is the movie which you are looking are not available you will get a notification when it is available on vidmate. It happened that when we want to watch movies in our smartphone viewfinder movie which we have download are not supported by our media player or when we are using internet to watch with the help of YouTube or any media website it will take streaming of movies which is quite hectic as each time we have to wait to buffer the movies so that we can watch it but in case of vidmate this type of hurdles are not available as vidmate has is on Play Store where you can watch any file without buffering and it also convert the media file to the compatible file so that it can easily run on the player.

Why vidmate?

It’s better to have download movies which are already optimised for mobile device and vidmate do the same thing when we download any movie downloads according to the device on which we are downloading.


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