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Vidmate is free of cost Android Apk app with which you can download movies, videos, and music, the rare thing about Vidmate is that you can download YouTube videos through Vidmate. It links with Sound Cloud and other latest music apps too, get Vidmate now, and read further for benefits.

Seventy million people trust Vidmate for PC on Windows for video downloads. 81% of people download this app when they are browsing for video download apps. The app is also called the businessman’s choice. The idea behind this app is that you can download videos from YouTube, Facebook, Daily Motion, and Youku. You can choose the format of your video. Hence, get Vidmate.

It does not matter which OS you have; you would find Vidmate 2018 app there. You should also not worry about how to download this app because it is relatively simple. We will walk you through the process of downloading or installing this app. The process is you just need to go to Playstore, and type the app name, after giving due permissions, you’ll be able to download the app. It should take less than a minute.

Once the app is on your phone or laptop, it would be like a cake walk to use the app.

Let us see what all can Vidmate app do –


The first step is creating an account. You can sign in on Vidmate and make your account, and set your password; it is free file sharing. There is an option on Vidmate to hide content that may be adult content. If you wish for private files, or you need to be private on the video downloader, then that is also possible. You should change your password often, so no one sneaks into your account or hacks your account.

Language Of The Account

You can select a language for yourself out of 15 available languages. That’s the language of your account, but this does not mean you cannot view data in other languages, you can always search any language data from the search bar.

Image, Movies, Songs, TV shows and Videos

When it comes to images, you’ll find a plethora of images that you could download. If you wish to watch movies, you can download the film, there are songs, and there are TV shows which have a release, or which are due to release. Finally, there are videos. When you are downloading a movie, you do not need to worry that the whole film won’t load, if you have phone space, then you’d download and get to watch the entire movie. Rest assured. Music is even more legendary as you can choose between 5 lakh songs in 15 languages. All the Hindi and English channels that you watch on TV are available.

Downloading the file from YouTube to Vidmate

We discussed that Vidmate means you can download YouTube videos from Vidmate. Let us see how. Just copy the URL given on YouTube, paste the same in Vidmate and a new link would be activated, choose the format of the file, and then start downloading the video. The download would take place in the desired form.

The format of the file MP3 or MP4

There is no distortion when you are changing the version from MP3 to MP 4. You can save the type of video, and you could switch the file type to MP4, MP3, 3GP, and WMV.

Interesting videos

Songs are not it! There is also a collection of fun themed videos; this could be makeup videos, yoga and workout videos, cooking videos or any funny videos.

Hashtags and Vidmate community

Vidmate has its hashtags which go trending. Also, there are video moments of people who have gone live and saved their moments. There are cricket highlights for people who love sports. You can make your moment videos as well by shooting the video, and beautifying those and adding stickers. If you want to regularly look at the moments of others, you could follow the moments and those users, and build your Vidmate community.

Sharing on Vidmate

If you like a video, there is a direct button with which you could share anything directly to Whatsapp, through Bluetooth as well, or Xender or mail, or any other file sharing method.

Friends and Vidmate

If you think your friends should have Vidmate because it is a perfect app, then that is also possible, and there is a whole dedicated button for that called ‘ share vidmate.’

The Only Disadvantages of Vidmate

You cannot edit videos in this app. The other real problem with Vidmate is that it has no Lite mode which means Vidmate only works on high-speed internet, and if your net connection is slow, you would have to wait till net picks up speed.


The quality of the video is medium. The user rating for the app is 8/ 10.

Free of cost

The app is entirely free except in app purchases.


The app is compatible with all devices. Vidmate works fine with 1000s of websites, and rare is it that a file is found unsupported.

Auto update

You could select the option to auto update the Vidmate app

Night screen

Put it on night mode for when you want more light on your screen; it is like increasing phone brightness.


If you feel the data on Vidmate is occupying a lot of space on the phone, you can always clear cache.

Top rated content

You can see top rated videos, official trailers, recommended videos and video songs from the top rated in Bollywood

Earning through Vidmate

Not always, but sometimes you’d see an offer going on for Vidmate. This offer would be visible in your profile section at the very top; it would say something like,’ 100% win up to 50 lakh’. This offer is unlike most proposals you see in the sense that it is a valid offer. This offer is called earning money through lucky draws, the other means of making money is through videos and analytics and graphic report.

Technical support

If you were to seek customer service support, then this means your issue would be sorted out in 24 hours.

Final words

You can watch Hindi and English movies, but for instance, there is also South Indian movie clippings, the whole Tamil movie or songs or Haryanvi songs that you can listen, there are also old Hindi or regional songs that you can give a listen. Everything on TV is on Vidmate. There are top rated songs which everyone is listening to, and then there is a search bar where you can search the songs or data of your choice. Vidmate works as well on the phone as it does on computers. When you are downloading Vidmate on your phone, the Vidmate advantage is that you are carrying music in your pocket, and when you are on PC, you get optimum viewing and larger storage space. Good part is, you can download infinite (n) amount of data from Vidmate, as there is no limit on the data you can download, this is called unlimited bandwidth. Beware of in-app purchases, the whole app is not free, but, it is a verified app, verified by Play Store. Vidmate is the virtual world of cool videos.

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