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Get the Vidmate app 2020 for all the Android phones various models.  It is the most preferred APK video downloader. It goes without saying that downloading any app. the APK file format is the best and the safest route. Even when installing some not too sure apps, APK is the best way and the most tension free. In order to have the APK file of Vidmate in the mobile app, just follow the steps given below and it easily happens. In order to get the link, no big sweat. Just type Vidmate APK in the space and that’s it. The user has to click on the Vidmate APK download to get the Vidmate app from Vidmate the smartphone. The developer of this app and also the users accredit the same as being one of the fastest apps in the world. Once the APK has been installed, there is a whole lot of things that can be done. Also no need to depend on the internet. It can be watched in offline mode.

Features of Vidmate app 2020 –

  1. The videos can be found in different languages part from English. This includes Hindi and many other languages like Tamil and Telugu.
  2. The Vidmate app gives a very comfortable viewing in the day and night time as well.
  3. The app has an inbuilt download manager and it has a pause and resume function s well. This gives a lot of ease to use.
  4. The app has multitasking functionality. Once the download button is pressed, the user can continue with their daily work and the video download to the mobile device will carry on.
  5. There is no cost involved and no charges for any use beyond a certain point. So keep on downloading unlimited without any fear of hidden cost.
  6. Download about 50,000 video songs of different types through this app.
  7. Find and search your favourite movies and have them on the smart phone.
  8. One of the most user friendly apps in the world.
  9. This can run on any type of internet speed such as 3G, 4G, 2G and Wi-Fi

vidmate apk

App Name Vidmate App
File Size 5.03 MB
Version V. 3.1.1
Developer Vidmate
Downloads 50,00,000 +

Vidmate APK 2018-

The version 2.2 of this app can be downloaded on the Android mobile smart phone. The app may not be found on Google play store but that is the least of the worries. There are many other digital stores like 9App, where it can be downloaded from. It is one of the best Video Downloaders to get HD videos, Live TV, Songs and all other favourite entertainment.

Downloading and installing Vidmate for Android –

  • As the first step, download the Vimdate APK File on the laptop or the PC. Then connect the laptop to the phone through the USB.
  • Transfer the APK file of the app into the Android smart phone.
  • Before this go to setting then installation and then click on “allow installation from unknown sources”.  It allows third party apps to be installed on the phone.
  • Go to the location from where the Vidmate app APK version 2.32 is there on the PC or the laptop.
  • Click and go on with the installation process.
  • Disconnect the smart phone from the laptop or the PC once file transfer is completely through.

Vidmate for Windows 8, 8.1 and 10 –

The Vidmate app can be run with perfect ease on the laptop or the PC as well. It is not that only smartphones can make use this app. So, now through some simple steps, it is explained how to download this popular video and audio downloader on the laptop. The best part is that an Android simulator is not required to run it on the Windows platform.

Procedure 1 –

  1. In order to install the Vidmate, the first prerequisite is that Blue stack software has to be installed on the laptop or the computer.
  2. Now download the APK file on the computer.
  3. Click and open the Blue Stack app.
  4. In the Blue Stack app, in the left hand corner, there will be a toolbox and it will have the option of add APK. Using this option get the APK file of the Vidmate. Then click on that.
  5. It will ask on the downloaded APK and accordingly select the location where the Vidmate app is to be installed.
  6. The application will be automatically installed on the Bluestack. This can be found in the application tab of the Blue Stack window.
  7. Use the Vidmate app on the laptop and download all the movies and songs as desired.
  8. Alternate procedure 2 (without using Blue Stack) –

This is done through the Nox App and it has to be installed in the system. Once done, the go through the following steps.

  1. Get the APK file of the Vidmate from the web site.
  2. For this click on the right side corner of the tool box.
  3. Similar to the earlier one, there will also be an option of Add APK.
  4. Go ahead and click on the I know button.
  5. Selection the drive location of the computer where the app needs to be installed.
  6. The NOX app will automatically install the APK of the Vidmate.
  7. Open it on the home screen of Nox App.
Updated: March 4, 2020 — 3:00 pm

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