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Download vidmate APK latest version so that you can enjoy unlimited movies and songs in your smartphone? If yes 9Apps will bring you the best solution for downloading vidmate application in your smartphone.

About vidmate

Vidmate is basically youTube video downloader application which is capable of downloading restricted website from internet to your smartphone. There are thousands of applications which provide Download Manager but most of the download measure are either premium or if you are using through version then you can only download free MB of file with the help of that application. In case of vidmate there is no restrictions of downloading files of any site, vidmate application is also secure as compared to Other download manager, vidmate one of the fastest growing company in the field of Internet download manager and has been market in almost all the country especially in India.

Video controller: Control your video download by pressing buttons pausing, deleting, and restarting. You can also control the bandwidth limit of downloading any video, you can have options to set timer on which you want to start download with the help of vidmate application.

Download your favourite movies from any website & TV : Vidmate can help you to download movies from YouTube, social media website, streaming website, registered website, unrestricted website, the application is also capable of downloading tV channels, tV shows it can cover almost 200 channels for downloading.

Video converter: Convert your video to your most favourite MP4 format it also allows you to convert video to audio file. At the time of downloading the application will ask you to download format section you have to choose the format in which you want to download and it will start downloading on that format.

Multiple download at a time: To download multiple video at the same time you need to make a collections of video with you want to then add this video to vidmate application pool and start downloading it will download all the videos at the back and you will get notification when the download will completed.

How to download vidmate apk from 9Apps?

9apps is a platform Where software and games are uploaded for downloading in Smartphone and computer. So if you want to download any applications you need an app store in your mobile or PC. Chocolate of all you need to install 9Apps application in your device after installing you had to open the application there you will get a search box just behind that you will get latest and most famous apps and games list . You have to click on the search box there you need to type vidmate APK and then press search button the application will show you all the vidmate versions for downloading choose the vidmate application which best suited for you and then start downloading.

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