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Vidmate is an app developed by chinese technicians. This app is used widely by users. This app is facing allegations of data stealing of it’s users. Amidst these allegations the question that arises is that is it safe to download this app. This app can be downloaded in smartphone as well as in PC. But this app cannot be downloaded from playstore. This also create a suspicious atmosphere about the app. The app can be downloaded only after the user google about the app in the search bar of the search engine. The reason behind the non existence of this app on Google play store is copyright issues. This app download copyrighted content from various sites and this make it non existent on play store.

Download Music & Video – Vidmate

By using vidmate the user can download music and video files in no matter of time. This app allows the user to download larger files bigger than 1GB and hence it’s quiet easy to download movies using this app. It supports different video formats, such as MP4, FlV, MOV, AVI, WMV, 3GP, MPEG and more. These formats make sure that the user is able to watch the videos of his choice in the quality that he desire. The user can download multiple files at once and the download happens in the background and simultaneously the user can accomplish other tasks in the smartphone. Vidmate is made specifically for Android. This app is free from malware. It is completely safe to install this app. The format of this app is just like a search engine and the user is able to search quickly because of this format only. Vidmate can be used for watching sports offline. Hence by using this app the user can even download sports and watch them without any interference even when there is no internet connection.


Vidmate is quiet popular because of the fact that the user can download anything that he want and can change the way of perceiving or looking or experiencing videos. This app can download multiple videos at a time. Hence this app has the potential of turning stones and moreover the apps available in the tech world don’t have the potential of sharing the same space . This fact indicates the quality of app.

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