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videmat is also known as vidmate. It is so because sometime we pronounce videmat HD instead of real name of this application, but it still shows the same result as this downloader is so famous for hunting new movies on the internet.

This app is world’s most authoritative platform for free Hd movie downloader, you can explore popular movies and videos with the help of this application. The most important that provide the real-time download code of the media, as compared to other Torrent site. Most of the time you get stuck while searching movies Torrent and we get nothing but fake download in this case we do not have to wait or spend time for searching torrent download it will provide real time view of one and only so whenever you think that the movie is not what you are doing for we can have options to cancel the download. As this application has inbuilt player so that whenever we start downloading any media file first of all we need to check whether the media file which we are doing is the right or not and it is complete or not sometime it’s happened that the movies are ok and starting but at the end we find that some other media player so to avoid this type of download first of all we can check the movies from starting to end by moving the cursor from start to end of the film. After getting satisfied we can stand on day and it will take few minutes to get download of the movies in our mobile drive.

videmat suppose following language English (US/UK), hindi, gujarati, marathi,
Malayali, telugu, bihari, Spanish, German, French, Portuguese, Italian, Japanese, Korean, and Chinese.

Explore videmat :

  • Always 5 millions of movies, tV shows, audio, video and near about 10 Millions programs which includes TV serials and other short funny video.
  • You can also download videos without mobile sim that it in your smartphone via this application.
  • The applications have search box to search any audio and video by their name to get instant result.
  • You can also down diet audio and video from the URL of the youTube, facebook, linkedIn, twitter and other social media website.
  • No restriction you can play and download unlimited and it’s totally free.

License Agreement : By installing this application in your mobile you are agree to videmat terms and conditions for using it for private purpose, you are not allowed to use it at commercial, as this applications are free for users only. We are not liable for any type of misuse of movies pirated, we are only providing the platform for uploading and downloading audio send video file.

Why vidmate for download?
The one stop solution for watching blockbusters and award money winning movies with free download links but most of the movie download site provide paid or premium subscription but in case of this application you can enjoy world class movies for free.

Updated: January 7, 2019 — 5:58 pm

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