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TikTok, also known as MUSICALLY . The application is Chinese music video platform and social network This application has been launched in September 2016.the application has been presented by  Zhang Yiming. Now a days the application has been made its own value now , it is the leading short video platform in Asia and has established itself as the world’s fastest growing application, with the biggest music video community globally. Now the application reached 150 million above 500 million it has been monthly users which has been increasing day by day in June 2018. It was the world’s most downloaded app in the first quarter of 2018. Now it has become the largest using app and failed every app . this app has now become very famous and now have more than 45 millions users.

The app are getting very famous and now getting use by so many people in india only. It is the app which is name as most used app in the ASIA. It is app mostly used and largest video making app in this world . The app is available in app store in android system and IOS as well. The popularity is now getting bigger day by day.

To create their own music videos, users first choose from a list of background music. Then, the app records them while they do whatever they want for sixty seconds video. Now just the songs videos you could make your own video as well. The TikTok music list contains a wide variety of music styles. This is just because of its immense popularity and advertisements . The app has been used by huge popularity of celebs as well.

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