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The old Telugu Songs of Ghantasala actually displays you about a genuine Indian film maker named Ghantasala Venkateswara Rao born on 4th December 1922 and last breathed on 11 Februray 1974, he was particualry a good composer, playback singer and overall known for his wonderful works in the Telugu Cinema Industry and moreover a bit of Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam, Tulu and Hindi language films as well have been done by him. In general, Ghantasala gained plenty of awards mainly due to his incredible performances and thus the Indian Government being inspired with his works awarded him a ‘Padmashri’ award for his outstanding works. He has also been awarded as the most preimere playback singer and won plenty of awards in Andhra Pradesh for almost 30 years. He was also been introduced as “Gaana Gandharva” for his dazzling voice and harmonious skills. Thus this “Melodious King” mythology Ghantasala has acquired in captivating over millions of music lovers heart, even his melodious songs have been intersecting among people of different ages, through his sweet-sounding enchantment of his golden voice.

Thus, all the evergreen songs of Ghantasala that you ever need are completely and fully applicable all in one single app that is none other than the Vidmate app. In the 15th era, even for the Poet Annamacharya, all kinds of devotional songs inside the Tirumala Temple were sung by only one singer Ghantasala.  Furthermore, all music lovers of Ghantasala can fully obtain the access of Vidmate app which holds in a massive collection of Ghantasala Telugu Evergreen hit songs remarkably containing a very distinctive and infrequent collections of Black and White Telugu Old Songs. This application was especially dedicated to grant extreme pleasure and entertainment to all Telugu Fans as well as Black and White Ghantasala Telugu Movie lovers. And this Vidmate app will guaranty every user in providing complete satisfaction to all Ghantasala Telugu old song lovers by providing you unlimited access on your Smart devices such as Smartphones and so on.


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