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Punjabi songs are the songs that can make anyone dance no matter whether the person is dancer or a non dancer . While listening to Punjabi music one is so much into the music that it just tooo hard to make that person come out of it .
Punjabi music has a diverse style of music, ranging from folk and Sufi to classical, notably the Patiala gharana.

Folk music is often perceived as the traditional music of Punjab and typically has communal authorship. This aspect of folk music has shifted with time but the older categories of folk begin with the dhadi genre, which does follow ideas of communal authorship. The folk dhadi genre include stories of heroism and love stories, as exemplified by the numerous ballads of the legendary romantic tales of Hir-Ranjha and Sahiba-Mirza. Folk music is also commonly used in various life-cycle events in the Punjab region. In almost every wedding ceremony family members, friends, and professional folk musicians perform different sets of folk songs which use themes from a nostalgic past, but communicate themes of separation, joy, fear, and hope in the present.
Punjabi songs in recent years has entered mainstream Indian culture, as well as in the UK and U.S. Its inclusion in Bollywood songs. The rise in popularity in Punjabi music in London and in the suburb of Southall, which has a sizeable South Asian population, can be attributed to the diaspora of immigrants from both to east and west Punjab to the United Kingdom . Punjabi music, many types of which were now being referred to as “bhangra,” started to be played in discos .

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