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In the ancient era Tamil hd video music is been one of the most historical forerunner of the Classical music throughout the Sangam period. And Music has also been an intrinsic part of the compositions of the Tamil Saiva saints. As per the notations of Tamil, the sarggam “sa-ri-ga-ma-pa-da-ni” of the Indian classical music were well known by their Tamil names such as Kural, Tuttam, Kaikilai, Uzhai, Iii, Vilari and Taram. There are also various other series of notations present in Tamil music. Plenty of Old Songs of Tamil are very sweet-toned to listen to too. There are a huge number of music lovers who even though are not able to understand the language of Tamil, do not feel embarrassed rather simply enjoy the songs to the full extent and obtain the full pleasure displayed in it. Above all, this Old Tamil Songs is very well applicable and generated in the Vidmate app, which allos the users to comfortably view or download all of the most lovable songs and enjoy the best of it.

Vidmate app is a well known All in One app and is best recommended as the Ding Dong Apps. Thus, through the access of Vidmate app, all the users are most welcome to plenty of the Old Tamil Songs which can be very easily and without any difficulty obtained from this Vidmate app through the search option menu bar. Moreover, of about 10000+ Tamil songs A to z can be free downloaded and heard in online or offline mode. Even the updation of new songs of every day can also effortless obtained through this vidmate app. It is totally a free app fully accessed to play any number of unlimited HQ Tamil songs without any issues. The uncomplicated steps present in this Vidmate app are of browsing of A-Z Films very well categorized under this app. Easily add the most favorable songs to the playlist and can be heard as and when you require. This Vidmate app also guarantees you in providing complete entertainment and fun by assisting you in downloading most likely old Tamil songs of your favorite actors and actresses.

Here below given are the some of the key factors of Old Tamil Songs, have a look at them

Latest Blended Tracks:

Every user through this app can have a quick view of the latest old Tamil Songs without any efforts

Listen in the Alphabetical Manner:

A huge bundle of Tamil Old Songs are very well categorized in the alphabetical manner in Vidmate app, in order to make the hunting option of all the users easy without any difficulty.

Browsing Year Wise:

All the Tamil songs being accessed in this Vidmate App can be browsed based on the year.

Save on Playlist:

All the downloaded Old Tamil MP3 Songs can be well saved on the playlist folder and can be later on obtain the access of listening to them.

Free of Cost:

Vidmate App grants you an absolute free access of downloading most of the lovable old Tamil songs exclusivity free of cost.

Online Mode:

Every user can also obtain the access of listening to all of Tamil Old Songs through Online Mode too even without downloading and without any limits.

Muscular Download Manager:

Vidmate App is fully acquired with awesome downloading options whereby you can very easily download several huge numbers of songs all at one particular time.


In brief, this app will make you enjoy the most of old Tamil Songs on your Smart devices or Tablets without any difficulty. The main concept of this app is to make you aware of kollywood or Tamil Old Songs absolutely free of cost. Grazing of the songs in a simple manner is very much accessible in this app, practically by hunting the songs on the search list and collecting the best of the songs on through the search feature opted without any difficulty.

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