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NewPipe is a tool which is used for downloading multimedia content from YouTube and other social media network for your smartphone without any ads. This is the only tool where you can get all the audio and video file download without any advertisement. That’s why this application is so famous because if you go for other tools for downloading any content from internet they will provide lots of ads in the video.

NewPipe – the smart features

Fast: Download any multimedia content very fastely even if you are using your smartphone then it will convert the file into mobile graphics so that it take to space and mobile resolution.
Small : The apps comes in tiny size but have been built lots of features.
Battery Saving : It consumes low battery so that we have lots of saving while we are travelling and watching videos with back and downloading.
Little Data Consumption : The video is optimised for before downloading if we are using download in a smartphone the video file will be of my smartphone and if we are using download for laptop and PC it will nice for that so according to this it will take low data.
Downloads: The tools contain different sections of download of audio and video file from streaming website which include search by title, search by artist name, search by movies name, search by categories, search by year and many more options for you to download even you have options to change file format from video to audio with the help of converter tools.
Privacy : Download privacy must be maintained as mostly we see that those applications who provide free download can breach our privacy which may cause trouble at a time. Even if we want to download some private audio and video file we need a private section so that no one can else see in our smartphone for PC. NewPipe provide secure level and privacy for all our downloaded.

Why NewPipe?
NewPipe is a tool for multimedia content that can download from streaming website but the best part is that we can play in background as well as download audio and video in background so that it will not disturb our frontend work. Suppose that we want to listen a background music while working we only have to click to download that video and set it to background play when the download will completed it will automatically start playing and it will not show at the front of browser it was only notification of playing.

How to download NewPipe?
To Download NewPipe we have provided you official website link in this page you have to only click the download button so that you can download this application very easily in your smartphone laptop or PC. After downloading you have to install it and you are ready to use download options for multimedia content from any streaming website.

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