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movie download from vidmate

The very famous khan of our bollywood Aamir khan is now come with his much awaited long time movie “Dangal”. This movie is based on real life story of famous Indian ladies wrestler Geeta and Babita phogat. The small town girl having lots of difficulties in making their dreams comes true. There is very long journey showed in this movie. All the best things having the best experience with this movie. Now let us see the star cast and crew of this movie and then we will look after its story. This movie is having rating 3.8 stars over 5 stars. The genre of this movie is drama. This movie is releasing in the year 2016. The running time and the duration f this movie is 2 hours 49 minutes. Dangal has having one of the best director who is Nitesh tiwari. Now let us look on the cast lead casts are aamir khan as the father, Sakshi tanwar as mother, Fatima sana sheikh as geeta phogat, Sanya malhotra as babita phogat, Girish kulakarani.

The small town struggling story has made very one day. This movie has inspiring every one in this time. It is the exposure for the girls who lives in Haryana and not providing any rights. Wrestling is meant to be for boys. There is no scope for girls. But mahavir phogat who is the father of geeta and babita phogat has taken challenge to make her daughter world best first women wrestler. Mahavir phogat is also trained and most famous wrestler. On the hope of son who will let his wrestler going on he always get daughter. After lots of efforts mahavir phogat and her daughters manage to be the wrestler.

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