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Just some day we need to find time for watching some movie which shows the bad truth of our  society like that I had seen one movie in VIDMATE app. The app which always help users to download videos and movies is good picture quality and format. I had seen one so amazing movie with very dark truth of the society. Name of this movie is “Lipstick under my burkha”. This name show the under pressure peoples. This is the story of 4 women who were attach to each other in different ways as they live is one society. They are no doubt not rich they are lower than middle class but the expectations were so high. The torture and pressure that every girl had in these locality have totally shown in this movie. This movie not that much wow and mind blowing but this will not make you bore and also this will tell you the some hidden pain of life of small town women who want to do something In their life but never get the exposure.

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Now let us take look of cast and crew of this movie. This movie has taken 4.2 stars over 5 stars. The drama genre movie is making every one amaze as it shows the truth of the society. The running duration and timming of this movie is 2 hours. Now let us see who is the director of this movie. Ashwin Das is the director of this movie. Let us take look on the multicast of this movie which are Ratna pathak sha, Konkana sen Sharma, Aahana kumra, Plabita borthakur, Vikrant massey, Sushsnat singh, Shashank arora.

This is one of the most amazing and most true story that if you click direct to the life of some ladies who live sin small town and not having exposure then you can easily be able to relate their story with this script. I really love this movie and I am sure that when you will watch this movie is good picture quality in HD print with the help of VIDMATE then you will also love this movie.

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