How to download YouTube video free? Vidmate

We all know that YouTube is the most popular video hosting portal where we can watch video free but can we download videos from YouTube no youTube only provide watch video for free but for downloading you need a third party application to download video from YouTube.

You can download YouTube video using following method

first :”SS” in the URL of YouTube video

second :you can use YouTube “URL” and paste it to the video downloader website.

Third :Some browser also provide facility to download YouTube video using addons in browser like U C Browser google Chrome and firefox applications.

Fourth : Some web browser also support download manager for that you need to download and install API in that browser browser like google Chrome, uC mini browser, and mozilla Firefox can support add ons you have to use this addons to download video with the help of browser support.

Download pirate video

To download hot private video you need private browser so that no one can know that what you have download and watching. Hot video are available for adult only so before downloading your age must be above 16 to download and why that video.

Most of the private video are paid to watch but with the help of video downloader you can even download the premium hot video for free.

Which API is best for downloading video?

Vidmate is the only API where you can download video in your mobile as well as PC the vidmate apk file support all kind of format and system uninstall in any operating system.


How to change file format while downloading YouTube video?

When you use vidmate to download YouTube video you have to put the URL of that video in vidmate and then choose the file format on which you want to download and then just click the importance to start downloading in your desktop or mobile.

Do I need to change file format while downloading YouTube video?

No it’s not compulsory but you have to check whether the file format is supported in your Android mobile or PC or do you have that application installed in your operating system if that format is not available in your Android mobile or PC then either you have to install the exe file of to support that format or you have to change the file format while downloading video from YouTube.

How to download vidmate in pc/mobile/tab/desktop?

To download vidmate video you need to go to the official website of vidmate there you will get a download links of this application you have to click on the download button it will start automatically installation in your mobile or PC.

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