how to download facebook videos from vidmate

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FB video has 10 Millions of customer within a year. With thousand of user online with their profile and pictures are now moving to  watching video and uploading video in their Facebook profile/pages/groups. Even business professional use Facebook to upload their video for the customer so that they can get business platform and knowledge about their products with the help of facebook. It is not Limited on profile and business there is a broad category including education, entertainment, online shopping video etc. Facebook has become a platform for all type of user.

There are millions of video presence in Facebook to watch but if we want to download in our hard drive then it’s not possible because it need a exact URL for downloading video to doing his to need a third party application which is capable of rounding audio and video file from social media website. If you value for download video and movies from Facebook then you need vidmate apk file in your smartphone. You need to install this application so that it can provide you a direct download options of video from Facebook.

How to download and install vidmate?
Download you need to click on the image showing “vidmate download” at the top of this page when you click on download button the application will start installing in your mobile and need access to your mobile you have to provide the access so that vidmate can install in your mobile.

How to download Facebook video from vidmate?
Download Facebook video from vidmate you need to open your Facebook account and then search video from the video search box there you will get lots of video in Facebook server now go to to the video sex and their you will notice a download link appear you have to click on the download button so that it can start downloading in your SD card.

Is downloading video from Facebook illegal?

No! until and unless if you are downloading any copyright video. You can download unlimited of video from Facebook which are not copyright but if you are downloading any video which are copyright then it’s really illegal so you need to avoid downloading of any video which is not permitted for downloading.

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