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Youtube is a video sharing site. The user can not only watch videos, he can even like, share and subscribe to videos. The user can also download these videos and can watch these videos at those times when there is no internet connection. There are many ways through which the user can grab you tube videos to different devices such as laptop, computer, mobile and tablet. In order to grab videos to computer the user may use some software or he may download it without any software. In order to download a you tube video from net without any software the user need to follow some tips and tricks.

Tricks to get videos

First of all the user need to go to you tube. Here the user need to select the video which the user want to download. The link of you tube video will look something like this Now just replace www. with ss and the link will look like below Now the user need to go to the url and the user will be shown the options of download. Thereafter the user need to choose the format of file shown there like 3gp,mp4 or anything that the user like. After selecting the format the user can click on download and download will start.

Free video software

The other most common method of downloading you tube videos in computer is softwares. Softwares like keep vid, save from net, 4k video downloader, clip grab, freemake video downloader etc. By using these softwares the user can easily download videos from you tube. In order to download videos from you tube the user first need to search the software that he want to use. After deciding the software the user can search the video that he want to download and write down the name of the you tube video.

Also try vidmate

Once the user has decided that he want to download the video then he need to decide the format of video. There are a number of formats which are available and the user can select from amongst the list in the software. Most of these formats are available in HD. Once the user click the download button the video shall start downloading. Some softwares download videos quickly while others take time. The user should choose that software which consume least of his time.



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