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Sure it’s easy to download videos from youtube but doing it legally is another side of the topic . While there’s no law that specifically says you can’t download videos from YouTube for free but youtube just do not give its users the option to download youtube videos . If you want to download youtube videos by keeping in the knowledge that you’re on the right side of the law then there’s just one way to do it just download vidmate app in your phone right now . A couple of key restrictions apply when it comes to offline youtube viewing as you obviously have to download them and after one month you have to download them again to keep them in offline column .Saved YouTube videos will disappear after 30 days and some videos may not be available for download at all depending on the decision of the content uploaders and once that 30 days time has passed you have to download that same video again for offline viewing . So what you do in search situations . Do not worry about anything . Just go to VIDMATE and download vidmate app in your device and start downloading any youtube video.

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