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Most of the videos in YouTube are blocked you cannot download the video with the help of application. The software company who granted that they can provide the best function for downloading YouTube video get field at the time of downloading blocked YouTube video or you have to to buy premium software to get the video. But if we don’t want to buy premium application for downloading blog you are and then what will be the next option for us. The answer is vidmate application it is one of the best and fastest growing software company with millions of users who use this software for downloading YouTube video. That is capable of downloading blocked URL too.

YouTube restricted downloading video from their server as the basic concept of YouTube is to provide watching facility so that maximum uses engage in their server. The number of users who engaged in watching video can provide them a profit business buying showing advertisement on videos by providing products information of their partner and so on so whenever we watch video we find lots of advertisement and offers are viewed this is because there is a team who are working for professional add in multimedia content. You you and if we are going to download video from YouTube then we do not need to visit YouTube URL again and again and this make you too loss in their advertisement business. Keeping in mind YouTube has block the URL so that software does not fetch the download process.

Features of vidmate

Encoded videos : Most of the stream website block the download person so that windows cannot download the video with the help of application but in case of vidmate it work on encoded to download from sound server two uses mobile.

Download HD videos : Application provide high definition video download as well as low quality video you have to choose the options that what type of person do you want to download.

Download video with 3x speed: Use tools to download fastest from http or https server.

Download Audio : You can convert your video file to audio file format and start downloading.

Support video sites : Tattoos support almost 1000 video website from where you can download audio and video without any registration.

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