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Our team of experts has research 40 hours on 8 website which provide direct download of video. To find the best video among top 5 list. So that user can get best tools for their download needs. Although this type of website are basically banned by many countries due to their media copyright rule. But most of the country does not support this type of rule show the people of that country use this type of software to download latest as well as old movies and video from internet to their device. Recently study about video downloader has make a dramatic change in which most of the country are using this type of software to generate huge amount of traffic on their website so that they can get revenue with help of this software. The software company does not care about copyright rules which indicates that downloading video without permission is illegal. The creator of earning online show drastic that people I can do anything to earn money online.

Comparison criteria

So let’s come to the point leave the copyright issue to the company. So once again we have gathered top application in our list and then create some cat Area on which we can define which software is best some of the carrier are as follow:- download speed of any audio and video file, file size limit, how many sides can download support to download video, download quality , and so on. The carrier which we taken are basically used for comparing different types of downloader tools.

Here are list of top site according to there smart feature

  • Videoder : This is one of the most recently developed application for downloading audio and video file from any streaming website. Although it is not popular in Asian country but still there are lots of customer who are using this software. No doubt this software can download YouTube video but if we use another another website from where we want to download it may be possible that this software will not run on that streaming website.
  • TubeMate: It is one of the oldest download application and and are gaining popularity day by day. Previously it was design for Android visually now this application can also run on Windows platform. Show the users who are looking for latest version of Window can get the software to download unlimited audio and video file in their computer or laptop.
  • KeepVid : This application is known for advertisement and focus on ads when downloading multimedia content from streaming website. The best part of this application is that you can download any types of video with the help of this application. Keepvid can download videos from 1000 website and have different file format in which you can save the video and audio file.
  • Snaptube : The application is Losing its popularity because of no much more updates are coming from this application although it is one of the popular application in 2014 but now it has lost most of its customer. Recently with the latest update of 2019 if gaining popularity because it has add some smart tools which are helping users for downloading and playing audio and video file at the same time.
  • VidMate : Vidmate application was developed by Chinese company and mostly used in Asian country like India , china, and so on. It can download latest leaks video of Hollywood and Bollywood . This application is popularly banned by most of the country but in Asian country it is used very frequently and there are millions of customer of this application the only reason is that it is capable of the ordering latest corporate video without any errors.

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