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Do you love to listen old songs and looking for platform where you can get all the old song in one place? If yes then you are at right place you will get A to Z old song of Hindi with the help of this platform. Name of the platform is vidmate. Vidmate provide all the solutions redirect to old audio and video songs especially in Hindi. Previously peoples use to solution music in radio only in morning or in evening time. But nowadays people love to use listen music at anytime whenever they get time they love to listen songs. Even when they are going to long drive they need a music system in there cars are buses so that they can enjoy travelling. Peoples also used to listen music when they are on working in office or home. If you are sad ore happy or whatever the emotional age any moment you love to listen music according to your mood.

Vidmate being you high quality songs with clear voice so that you can really enjoy your old song. You can search songs by title, subtitle, by year, my singer name, bye lyrics, and many more options are available in this tool.
The tool is categorised into section one is for audio section and other is for video section. If you want to listen old songs in video format you had to go to the video formats action in this section you can also see the visual view of songs which title. And if you are looking for audio only then you have to go to audio section so that you can search songs and listen it. The best part of vidmate is that it also collect sessions of what you are searching so that it can show you the relevant search which you are searching and you can also make a library of songs so that you can use your library and listen the song. You have options to make multiple library so you can categorise your strong according to your library name. This all features make vidmate a great tools for song.

What is MP3?
MP3 is a standard technology with MPED-1 having audio layer 3 format to compress sound sequence into a small file, it can compress about one-twelfth of the original size with same quality of sound.

Do Vidmate had mP3 player inbuilt?

Yes vidmate had inbuilt MP3 player it is also called as digital audio player the name defines that it’s an electronic device that can play digital audio files.

Conclusion: If you are using vidmate then all your digital audio player need will be full filled by a single app because not only it’s we play audio and video file for you but it also provide you a free download links from almost all audio and video website. So just download vidmate and you can have millions of audio and video in your drive for free.

Updated: February 11, 2019 — 4:47 am

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