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Vidmate is a type of public torrent apps with advanced feature as compared to torrent website. The application can download 300MB movies for Android mobile and laptop. You can download leaks Bollywood and Hollywood movies illegally with the help of this software. The software allow users to download pirated movies in 300MB without registration it means it is totally free you don’t need to registered and make payment to use this application. The application arani in full flash in most of the country and USA downloading any types of video with help of this tool. There are latest movies download links which are affected by the users who are using cyber Technology for tracking the videos file for making it download. There are many users who upload latest movies from pirate cd’s or through different media.


In this article we will help you to provide information about vidmate and their uses so that you can easily use this application and download unlimited audio and video file in your smartphone. First of all the main thing which you need to know is that how to download vidmate APK file? Download vidmate APK file you need to visit official website there you will get a download link click on the download done so that vidmate can download in your mobile memory. Now install this application so that you can use to download all types of file from added to your SD card.

Key Features:

The tools can convert YouTube video to any file format including MP4, MKV WEBM, and MP3.
Use converter tool to convert video file to MP4 AVI, and MP3.

The Tool is design for Smartphone only so if you are using this tools in your smartphone then you can get lots of features through which you can solve your problem iterative multimedia content download.
The vidmate is also comfortable with other operating system like Windows operating system.

Disclaimer : Vidmate tube does not provide any type of legal information about downloading what type of movies or not so its depend upon you that what video you are downloading if you want downloading any copyright video without any permission then its legal. Although vidmate does not have any restriction of downloading you can download all types of movies or video with the help of this tool.


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